We engineer web and mobile apps for new ventures, find product/market fit and quickly achieve traction.

What we offer

Web Systems and Platforms

With our infrastructure located in Switzerland and Germany, we provide high level service to deploy your web application. From domain name to server setup. Coming soon.

Web and Mobile Applications

From online news engine to booking applications, we understand why personal integrations matter. We are API-oriented, working in team to understand what are the best options for client's project. Contact us.

Apps and plugins

Full or plugin applications. We provide development and integration of add-ons and plug-ins to existing websites and applications. Contact us.

More services

Social Marketing

Vertical traffic is always good. Our team is always working hard to generate the right leads and prospects for client's goal.

Email Marketing

Old fashion marketing, but still required. How to stay in touch by email with users? Using the right infrastructure and sending platform. Hipshares give the right tools to handle your lists. Even by API.

Data Mining

Do you need to turn raw data into useful information? We can look for patterns in large batches of data and businesses can learn more about their customers and develop more effective marketing strategies as well as increase sales and decrease costs.

Database Analysis

We extract db data, cleaning it, potentially merging it with other data and performing a statistical analysis to better understand customers and customer behaviour.

We offer tailor made web and/or mobile app deeply integrated with external systems - standalone apps with their own API