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We Are Digital Solutions Agency

Passionate about technology, we are driven by our focus on providing quality solutions, client satisfaction and enhancing cross-functional teamwork.
We provide expertise in the areas of Software Developing, SysAdmins, DBAdmins, Project and Service Management, digital Branding and Marketing. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, we reach out to a wide range of local and international clients.

Why Choose Us?

We engineer web and mobile apps for new ventures, find product/market fit and quickly achieve traction.
We use proven processes like TDD and BDD, and tools like Node.js, GraphQL, API and Machine Learning to build modern web apps, mobile apps, and intelligent, scalable services. We train, mentor, and build great products with our clients.

Our History

A lot of experience, trusted partners.

We’re a remote team based in Geneva, Switzerland, and distributed throughout Switzerland and Europe. We’re as passionate about your business as we are about technology. Ready to catch up?

Our Philosophy

We love share and get involved in projects.

Passionate about technology, we are driven by our focus on providing quality solutions, client satisfaction and enhancing cross-functional teamwork.

What We Do

Our Services

Software development has changed massively in the last years. If your tools and processes haven't kept up, then your competitors are probably building better products and iterating more quickly.
From Trading, Accounting to Timetracking and sport apps.

API driven applications

We provide tailor-made interfaces and full applications for trading, timesheet, accounting, analytics, clients portal and more.

Trusted Expert Support

Your way is our way. We are flexible to work in partnership with your team and management handling sesitive data if needed.

Easy to start

We provide and/or collaborate with project analysis, deadlines and deliverabilities. This is the best way to optimize efforts and product quality.


We understand business, beside technical aspects. Helping, problem solving and solutions ready are our keywords.

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We'd Love to Work with You

Web apps

Modern web apps are interactive, potentially real-time, and API-driven browser-based apps. We are experts in building reliable and scalable cloud services with Node.js and JS frameworks like React or Angular.

Mobile apps

We build high-performance native apps for both iOS and Android. We have experience with device and OS integration including Bluetooth communication, hardware integration, background location tracking, and other native SDK functionality.

Third party plugin/add-on's

According with client, we can deliver top-notch tailor made plugins or new features for third party software like API interfaces or mobile features.

SEO/SEM and social management

We optimize and help to keep track of any mention of a company, its products, brands, or services allowing the company to manage its presence on the web with the required traceability.

From the Idea to Development


Concepts & Brainstorming

We work together with your team to keep all the tools in the toolbox sharp. Increase development velocity, solve complex technical challenges, migrate to a modern tech stack, or simply get help building modern web and mobile apps.


Research & Development

Software development is in a constant state of flux. If your team is using the same tools and processes as they did 3 years ago, you may be building products less efficiently than your competitors.


Sketching & Drafting

We gather detailed requirements and explore and document all risks. Our processes ensure that business rules have been clearly defined and documented in a way that will drive the development of code and automated tests. We do a detailed investigation into any unknown technical requirements such as third-party APIs.


Execution & Digitalisation

Once delivered and testing, with real-time data about customer behaviour you’ll focus future development effort on building exactly what your customers want, optimizing key metrics for growth.

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