We engineer web and mobile apps for new ventures, find product/market fit and quickly achieve traction.

Briefly, What We Do

IT Set up

With our infrastructure located in Switzerland and Germany, we provide high level service to deploy your web application. From domain name to server setup.

Cross-platform Systems

From ERPs to Booking Applications, E-Learning to E-Payments, Gaming and more, we understand why custom integrations matter. We are API-oriented, working in team to understand what are the best options for client's project.

Apps and plugins

Full or plugin applications. We provide development of full standalone systems and/or integration of add-ons and plug-ins to existing websites or applications.

Our Major Clients

Comeco SAS
AFV Beltrame Group
Premium Tradings
Niqol SA
Delta Compliance Sàrl
Alessandra Dona

About Us

Passionate about technology, we are driven by our focus on providing quality solutions, client satisfaction and enhancing cross-functional teamwork. We provide expertise in the areas of Software Developing, SysAdmins, DBAdmins, Project and Service Management, digital Branding and Marketing. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, we reach out to a wide range of local and international clients.

You can find us on Linkedin along with a strong relationship with our valuable clients.

We, at Hipshares, help corporate innovators and funded startups rapidly validate big ideas, develop new products and grow successful digital businesses.

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