Project description

  • Grav PHP Javascript (JS/TS)
  • None
  • Linux
  • SEO SERP Responsive High perfomances
  • Kick-off : 09 / 2021

Medipedia is a medical web portal and encyclopedia accessible worldwide in two languages, French and Dutch. It's high performing with aprox 7k public pages and no database (GRAV CMS).

Migration project after 10 years of Drupal. The site being obsolete and presenting security flaws, the client asked us to migrate all 7K+ pages in both FR and NL languages from DRUPAL to GRAV.

Site with high traffic of visits, the tailor-made SEO and SERP part has also been taken care of.

ViVio produces quality, validated content designed to be flawless in terms of both style and substance.
The content ViVio produces is written by health journalists in close collaboration with key opinion leaders and specialists. But there’s more to it than just choosing the right words, of course! Our content is available in the formats that best suit the message, whether in print or digital.

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