Veetamine IoT

Project description

Veetamine IoT
  • NETcore VUE.js Javascript (JS/TS)
  • MySql/MariaDB
  • Linux
  • APIs Responsive Payments integration Algorithms
  • Kick-off : 05 / 2021

VEETAMINE main goal is to provide all stakeholders with a powerful, complete, unique, and standardized data source and added-value tool to fulfill their operational functions in the Vending Machine industry.

With just one single and non-invasive solution, clients can efficiently and seamlessly deliver required services. Let it be for stock planning and refill, machine maintenance, revenue recognition, reconciliation and COGS booking, the system delivers a quick, stable and future-proof solution directly through stable APIs in the user hands, 24/7.

Cellsmaniak SA.

Cellsmaniak SA unique selling proposition is based and driven by deep market knowledge and continuous research and innovation to better serve, facilitate and support our clients in their path to digitalization as a means to optimize their operations. We have developed a number of proprietary techniques and processes in the field of IoT, IT security and data protection that make our solutions a future-proof data service.

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