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We help organizations, companies and individuals to implement effective, stable and easy-to-use software solutions.

We're based in Switzerland.


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We are a talented team in software engineering industry with +20 years experience.


Our software development services are known for their emphasis on customization and scalability. With a commitment to the highest industry standards and internationally acclaimed methodologies, Hipshares stands as a premier choice for outsourcing software development.

IT consulting

Leverage our experience and deep technical background to create a efficient IT strategy. Our IT consulting helps you automate and digitize operations, refine your software portfolio, and embrace cutting-edge technologies.


Modern systems are interactive, potentially real-time and API-based. For web and mobile apps, we use reliable and scalable technologies such as Laravel, YII2, Node. js, Symfony and JS frameworks like VUE, React or Angular. In case we need a CMS for websites, portals, e-commerce and other common web projects, we use GRAV, a stable, performant, secure and flexible flat-file CMS


We collect detailed requirements, explore and document all risks. Our processes ensure that business rules have been clearly defined and documented in order to optimally deliver technical and user expectations. We also conduct a detailed investigation into any third party integrations that may be required from the client.

First, know how things are built.

First, know how things are built.

We have a wide experience for many code languages, giving us a deep understanding about the best technology for a project.

  • Classic : C++, .NET, Python, PHP, JS, iOS, Android
  • Frameworks : NodeJs, Laravel, YII2, React, VueJS, GRAV CMS
  • DBs : MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server
  • Frontend: React native, CSS, JS, TS, TWIG, HTML, Jquery, Bootstrap.
  • Environments: Linux and Windows, equally.
Quality work means quality time

Quality work means quality time

We use best practices to provide quality code which generally means zero-impact interventions in case of maintenance, changes, saving a considerable amount of time (and costs).

  • Use stable technologies.
  • Keep up best practices, including updating regurarly the software
  • Get well organized with your IDE