We focus on transforming IT to boost company performance, maximize productivity, and optimize costs with a specified technology solution tailored to particular business goals.

Custom development

We're not just a custom software development company, we're a trusted partner in digital transformation.

Leveraging vast industry experience, we bring next-gen solutions to life. We can combine classic code languages (ie. C++, .NET) with new ones (ie. NODEjs, TS), giving us the maximum flexibility and scalability to face client's challenges.

Our development fee is 85 CHF / hr (80 EUR / hr), with no fix costs, we get paid only for worked hours.

Simplifying complex scenarios - that's one of our skills..

IT Project management

We believe that incorporating IT into business strategy facilitates enterprise growth and generates greater revenue, enabling a more streamlined, flexible, and efficient workflow.

With 20+ years of experience in software development, we are always eager to implement IT strategy or stand-alone projects integrating platform-based and custom solutions.

As for development activities, we get paid only for worked hours. For PM activities, the minimum contract is 3 months and the fees are the following:

110 CHF / hr (100 EUR / hr) or 600 CHF / day (550 EUR / day)

Our strengh

See below our specialties in software development.

Third party integrations

Third-party API integration allows both startups and large companies to save costs on research and development, while adding necessary features to their solutions.

Connecting software systems and applications eliminates duplication of effort and enhances user experience, directly increasing productivity.

We use REST, XML-RPC, JSON, SOAP, and other communication methods to make sure your APIs interact with each other in the most efficient way.


The concept of IoT technology is based on varied devices and objects that can be connected. Many wearable devices, headphones, car or even home automation objects can connect to the Internet with help of devices like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee Wireless, iBeacon, Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC (Near Field Communication) etc.

IoT enables communication of these devices with the help of an IP address and Internet connectivity. IoT devices transmit data to applications with the help of a data interface and enables controlling the devices from anywhere simply by using a mobile app or a web browser. Thus creating a win-win situation providing and availing services all at the finger-tip.