Projects in software developments are theoretically neverending, you can build from a simple interactive landing page to complex systems for thousands of users.

We at Hipshares can cover part of them, according with our experience. The base is always software development, which we master very well. Immediately after, there is project management, with different tasks and challenges. We can help for this as well.

Last, the most common request from public are websites and similars, such as e-commerce, reserved areas, lead generation and basic integrations/plugins.

We are ready to help for all the situation above indeed.

Hipshares - Long term projects

Long term projects

By design, long term projects needs a future-proof analysis.

We start form there and we develop robust and highly available APIs for traffic-intensive desktop, mobile, and cloud applications, as well as WebSocket, firmware / middleware, browsers, databases, and operating systems. We successfully...

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Hipshares - IT project management

IT project management

The IT project manager is the link between the business and IT side.

He's responsible for the successful execution of IT-related projects, while also planning and directing the work of the general IT team. The IT project manager is responsible for realizing these projects within the set requi...

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Hipshares - Websites and similars

Websites and similars

When your website receives both, few or thousands of visitors every day, the system must be able to support the traffic. High traffic means a large number of simultaneous requests from users expecting fast load times. For both cases. delays can cost your visitors, reduce revenue and undermine yo...

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